Suhasini Manirathnam

An illustrious career in the entertainment industry. A persona known to all as an actor who could pull off extra-ordinary rolls and a great communicator. Her shows through the television sets her apart as a passionate story-teller of everything that is good. Just as much as a star that she is, she is so sensitively tuned to the society around her that she relentlessly works towards social reformation. Especially in the space of women empowerment, she believes every woman deserves dignity irrespective of demographics. She has been rendering yeomen service through the Naam Foundation, founded by her for helping rehab widowed women. May it be providing them skills that are vocational or awareness about anything under the sun, she says she is offering them, “the will to live”
Presenting Suhasini Maniratnam, A Real Life Hero – A Good Samaritan – An ALERT Being – Icon