Paalam Kalyanasundaram

Since his age of 14, he has spent his pocket money, salary, retirement benefits and every single penny he earned including a 30 Crores prize money he was given for the welfare of others, especially children. Over six decades of service to humanity, he has been an epitome of love and service. A gold medallist in library science, he says his most important lessons came from his mother.

“Don’t be greedy, give at least a part of your earnings to the needy, help a life every day; it doesn’t matter if it is a cow, a tree or a human. Do this and you will live like a king”. Have his mother’s words come true? Well, the fact that one of the two people former US President Bill Clinton wanted to personally meet was him and he has been adopted by Superstar Rajinikanth as his father makes it loud and clear. Acclaimed as one of the top 10 librarians of the world, adjudged as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century by United Nations, Crowned as the Man of the Millennium, it is our honour to present

Sri. Paalam Kalyanasundaram – A Real Life Hero – A Good Samaritan – An ALERT Being – Lifetime Achievement in service to humanity.